IMM - International Merchandising Mart Mall Parking Rates and Location

UPDATED MAY 23, 2024

IMM Car Parking Rates
10 minutes grace period
Mondays to Fridays
First Hour Free
Second Hour of First Hour or Subsequent Same Day Entry S$1.20*
Subsequent 15 Minutes S$0.40*
Saturdays to Sundays and Public Holidays
First 1 Hour S$1.20* 1st Entry
Subsequent 15 Minutes S$0.40*
Source: IMM

Previous Price:

The year 2022 Changes

  • Second Hour or First Hour of Subsequent Same Day Entry S$1.07 (increase by S$0.13 to S$1.20)
  • Subsequent 15 minutes price S$0.30 (increase S$0.10 to S$0.40)
  • First 2 Hours 1st Entry Change to First 1 Hour 1st Entry
    price $1.07 (increase by S$0.13 to S$1.20)
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