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IMM – International Merchandising Mart Mall Parking Rates For Cars in Singapore

Grace Period: 10 minutes

IMM Car Parking Rates
Mondays to Friday
First Hour Free
Second Hour of First Hour or Subsequent Same Day Entry S$1.20*
Subsequent 15 Minutes S$0.40*
Saturday to Sunday & Public Holiday
First 1 Hour S$1.20* 1st Entry
Subsequent 15 Minutes S$0.40*

Previous Price:

The year 2022 Changes

  • Second Hour or First Hour of Subsequent Same Day Entry S$1.07 (increase by S$0.13 to S$1.20)
  • Subsequent 15 minutes price S$0.30 (increase S$0.10 to S$0.40)
  • First 2 Hours 1st Entry Change to First 1 Hour 1st Entry
    price $1.07 (increase by S$0.13 to S$1.20)
Source: IMM