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Westgate Parking Rates For Cars in Singapore

Grace period: 10 minutes for all cars

Westgate Parking Rates For Cars
Mondays to Sunday & Public Holiday
12:00am – 5:59pm S$1.60 1st Hour (S$0.55 for subsequent 15 minutes)
6:00pm – 11:59pm S$3.25 per entry

Previous Price:

The year 2022 Changes

  • 1st Hour price S$1.30 (increase by S$0.30 to S$1.60)
  • Subsequent 15 minutes price S$0.50 (increase S$0.05 to S$0.55)
  • Per entry price S$2.50 (increase by S$0.75 to S$3.25)
Source: Westgate